Is there any other branch(s) of Al-Hayat Microfinance Bank apart from Ijebu-Ode?

The bank presently operates as a unit MFB at Ijebu-Ode and does not have any branch outside the city.

How do people in other cities bank with Al-Hayat MFB?
Is there any internet banking for Al-Hayat Microfinance Bank?
Can I transfer from other commercial banks like GTBank to my account at Al-Hayat Microfinance Bank and vice versa?
Is there any way to deposit into my Al-Hayat Cooperative account online without going to bank or appear in person to show the teller to whom it may concern?
Is there any personalized ATM machine and ATM card for Al-Hayat Microfinance Bank?
Can I use the ATM Card in any other ATM machine or can it be used while abroad?
What are the procedures and documents for opening an account with Al-Hayat Microfinance Bank?
Is there any link between Al-Hayat Cooperative account and Al-Hayat Microfinance Bank account?
Can I open the bank account online?
How can a customer obtain credit facility?
Does the bank charge interest?
Is the bank opened for Muslims alone?
For instance I have issues with my ATM card or cash dispute, how do I get it resolved while outside the city?